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What is the American Nightmare - Part 2 (or, Prepare for War Through Lucid Dreaming)


There are no hard boundaries separating dreams from nightmares -- neither in sleep nor in physical space. In both contexts, a pleasant dream can get out of hand and take a terrifying turn. We struggle to turn it back, fighting to survive or to escape a blackhole of tragedy which, at some point, can no longer be outrun. That is the point of no return when one must press onward and face consequences, hoping to endure the ordeal and redraft the tragedy into a comedy before it's all over. 

We eventually wake up from the dreamscape in the brain we access through sleep. Our field of waking dreams (accessed through motivation, planning, and execution, often in groups) can be worked in a similar fashion. This is made possible by the fluctuations experienced within consciousness during our waking hours. However, in the physical world, being able to wake up requires a cognizant effort. 

Epiphanies are one example of this type of awakening, and above it are higher levels, reaching toward enlightenment -- but so what? What do levels of conscious awakening have to do with realizing our material dreams? The people attaining enlightenment are usually Buddhist monks, and they don't even want possessions. 

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Part 1 of this post took a casual cakewalk through some of the major conflicts in which this country was involved during the mid 20th Century. The problem with having a superficial understanding of the events in American history is that it requires a basic subscription to public information which leaves us with gaps in our knowledge. The purpose of Part 1 was to make a few of our own contradictions more visible. Were we cowering under our desks at the thought of Commies invading, or were we lavishing in economic success on the global scale? Were we fighting Communism, or doing business with them? 

Of course, Part 1 could have just as easily strolled our attention through the mid 19th Century -- one may even argue that it offers much richer material for our purpose. The massive butchery of the American Civil War was followed immediately by the Mexican-American War. Even earlier, Americans began braving the uncharted dangers of the austere Wild West. To expand in that direction, with the help of our financial supporters we exterminated the native American population, undeniably soaking the timeline red. However, we would end up with similar contradictions and knowledge gaps, without any better understanding of the true nature of the shared American Nightmare that threatens us from short distance, today. 

By mid 20th century, when our labour forces were empowered by leverage which helped to improve work conditions and pay structures, this still seemed to be the holy land of the American Dream. (0At the same time, we were sending power brokers like Henry Kissenger to communist China, convincing her to come on to the stage of the global economy, in full capitalist apparel nonetheless. (1) Many of us (perhaps above a certain age) may be aware of this, but this information seems to have been dropped over time, from our historical common knowledge. 

This gradual process of losing bits of information from the known narrative of American history ends up inserting air gaps into our knowledge base, and thus, slowly changing our behavior patterns and attitudes, ultimately redefining the idealized American character. The archetype of the American cowboy seems to have gone up in smokes, while "the new socialist" persona (2) is developed abroad and imported, like everything else. 

Today, most of us run when we meet other people with knowledge of things we know little about, and we hide when any of that knowledge is about the matters we are discussing here, today. As we comfort ourselves in the artificial protection of our "happy places", we feel untouchable as long as we are safe from each other. 

Between the neuroscience behind our dreams and knowledge of how society works are the dynamics between human individuals. Waking up successfully in physical space to make the right economic decisions (for ourselves as well as our beloved progeny), requires us to keep an open eye on [not just our own attitudes, behaviors, and character, but also] the conditions of our interpersonal relationships. 

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In his documentary and book, Requiem for the American Dream, Noam Chompsky depicts how the control mechanisms of modern American society are working in concert to dismantle the American Dream. This is not news, nor is it necessarily the best way of conveying this information. The ideological differences separating [this author] from Chompsky (at least on the political spectrum) make it difficult to agree with everything he says -- but nevertheless: this publication is recommended for starters who need to understand the big picture quickly, before researching in more depth. 

He explains how the State (by which we mean, the "state-corporate complex" (0,3)) has configured our societal institutions to perpetuate the concentration of wealth into the hidden wallets of a numerical minority who continue to gain a disproportionate amount of power over the rest of the American population. This aggressive acquisition of power has endowed them to purchase the decisions made by Government. Bought and owned, the government is transferring the burdens of maintaining societal infrastructure and operations onto the shoulders of the American people, and supporting the power hungry interests of this "opulent minority" (4) instead. 

Chompsky emphasizes that this imbalance is a strong indicator of the deterioration of our social mobility, which -- for the health of a free society -- is a vital characteristic. Openly, we claim to believe we are free, but we are increasingly behaving in ways that contradict that claim -- a phenomenon that is observable from one person to the next. We choose to go silent and ice each other out in the name of avoiding confrontations and conflicts. After a couple of centuries of ongoing wars, have we suddenly become a people of peace and tranquility? The match that should occur between our claims and our actions has eroded: most of us are absconding because we are no longer making sense. 

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Use of the word "should" implies moral obligation. (5) The match between [what we say and what we do] reflects the moral values we hold sincerely in our hearts. Without that match, our true priorities (which may be buried in our own subconscious) are put on display for others to see. The moral values that should be instilled in each of us are derived from the principles of Natural Law (6,7,8), the very principles on which our Constitution was based. 

Natural Law is the body of law which cannot be legislated. Writing policies to change them will never accomplish intended effects. This is the territory of God's law, entirely under the jurisdiction of our Creator -- the very source of human freedom, which is built into our biology as well as our environment. Some of us who shrug our shoulders at the attenuation of the Constitution, do so, believing it to be outdated. This notion is a fallacy, unless we can [at least] demonstrate that Nature itself has become obsolete. 

With the Constitution weakened through crony Capitalism, unlawful mandates, agendas of secrecy (9), and a sleeping citizenry unwilling to fight to keep its freedom, we are experiencing a disintegration of moral values. Whether or not we think we are a demoralized society (10), it is evident that ideas of Natural Law have been unlearned and largely forgotten. 

Self reliance, bravery, tenacity, integrity, humility with confidence and strength -- these are some of the characteristics that cowboy images [like John Wayne] reminded every American to embrace, every single day. The purpose of this was to raise successive generations of Americans with the same durability of character, above all individual uniqueness. 

To maintain a free society, the individuals making up that society must be of strong will and mind. They must view authority through skepticism rather than [accepting it or rejecting it] passively. The sensitive nature of freedom signifies the importance of preserving it vehemently. 

With every iota of freedom lost, some amount of power is gained on the sides of an ever encroaching enslavement. It might catch up to us in our lifetimes, but if not, it is likely to fall like bricks on our precious kids. If not on them, then on our grandchildren, if they even get a chance to exist. 

"... liberty, once lost, is lost forever ..."

John Adams (11)

Like many before, this nation was borne out of defiance, followed by moral violence: a fight for independence from tyranny. Gaining independence and developing the original American government -- "defined" as well as "confined" by the written Constitution (8) -- planted the root of American exceptionalism. Our founding fathers may have afforded the attitudes of exceptionalism by earning it, but by today, such attitudes have grown to be loathed by our human friends in other nations around the world. Their feelings toward modern American attitudes and culture may be well deserved, but it further isolates us from them. Whether we are globalists or not, we can use all the help we can get. 

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In the course of processing thoughts about our collective American Nightmare, it may be self evident that the contributing circumstances have an international scope. Some of the recent manifestations of this takes the form of [Russian and China] demonstrating opposing interests in the outcome of the next presidential election. (12,13

Despite geographic regions, cultural diversities, or even time of existence, the basic architecture of human society takes a ubiquitous form. Holding a society together are relations that exist [between individuals, between individuals and groups, and between [individuals and groups] with the control systems] that Chompsky discusses in his publications. This relationship hierarchy is braced by a few pillars, which former KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov, describes as areas in which public opinions are formed. (10)  

Bezmenov tells us that these areas are Education, Social Life (personal relations), Administration (including Government), Economy (including Labour Relations), and law enforcement (including Military). He explains the method behind the madness that Chompsky discloses [in his publication, mentioned above]. It is a four step formula of (a) demoralization, (b) destabilization, (c) crisis, and (d) normalization. 

Using this formula successfully, first requires "sleeper" agents (10) to infiltrate a society at each of its pillars. They facilitate the import of propaganda, which continuously and deliberately aims to demoralize a population. Just as the manipulation of historical common knowledge is gradual, so too is the deterioration of a Peoples' faith in its societal institutions. What is happening to our human relationships in this sleek modern world of alleged advancements and make-shift personalities is precisely to be expected. 

Despite the information discussed so far, if it is still difficult [for the reader] to believe that American society have been infiltrated by a force actively working to drive us through this four stage formula, please take a moment to think of how a protocol becomes formulaic: it is proven to achieve a targeted outcome, again and again. This process has undoubtedly been honed over the centuries. It is much older than the age of our nation. 

"You would say, 'Well, how can they be so dumb?' And I used to ask that question... I decided, Yes there are some – there are some that are dumb and they go along with this; but there are some, who think they can benefit … by having chaos."

Ron Paul (16)    

It has been 244 years since the original States fought for independence and won against the English [throne]. Our empire is approaching its 250 year mark, a significant age for the fate of an empire. In The Fate of Empires, author and Lieutenant-General Sir John Bagot Glubb (which the reader may recall from a much earlier post), explains that every (known) empire over the last 3000 years has risen and collapsed within 250 years or less. (The exception is the Mameluke Empire, which existed for 267 years, from 1250 to 1517. (14)) 

The phasic patterns that manifest within an empire's lifetime, as Glubb explains (14), can be compared for some astonishing parallels with Bevmenov's report of the four phase formula. Glubb does a great job in putting the observable patterns of a dying society into writing, but it is Bevmenov who gives us an idea of why a society collapses in this manner: we are facing an ever encroaching enslavement which gradually destroys a society through the long perfected formula of Subversion. 

Subversion is a way of waging war without firing a single bullet. (10,15) This means a targeted society is quietly under long range attack, paced carefully over time and physical distance. 

In his book The Invisible College: 9.11 to Armageddon*, British historian and author, William Stuart gives us a figure that defines the length of time between the [creation of a plan] and [that plan's final execution]: 120 years. Longer than the average human life, 120 years span over three generations of human beings: that of a grandfather, father, and a grandson. According to Stuart's research, these intergenerational relations trace the bloodlines of a biological family. (9)

He makes it clear that for Subversion to be carried out successfully, it is the grandfather who designs [the succeeding parts of] the sustaining plan, which is only to be carried out by his grandson. This way, the creator of a plan is dead before its enactment, and therefore, an event becomes very difficult to trace back to its origin. At the end of the day, from our perspective, the event seem to materialize from an unpredictable randomness that inflates the fears of the citizenry. (9 

As we approach the close of 2020, there should no doubts left in anyone's mind that we are under attack from a malevolent elite minority who are genetic relatives on a bloodline that has existed and operated in this manner for thousands of years.

(Caution: beware of trappings in racist ideas -- those feelings must be resolved sincerely, in order to try the suggestion(s) made at the conclusion of this post. Note: Providing sincere suggestions to [the reader], especially after a lengthy discussion, is another example of [internally motivated] moral obligation.) 

<> <> <>

Chaos, as Jordan Peterson simplifies (5), [stems from] a mismatch between our subjective reality (our perception of how things are) and our objective reality (how things actually are). This generalized definition more aptly fits [the description of] neurological conditions, than the societal. To start preparing ourselves for the near future that is upon us, it is helpful to conceive a more detailed image of the chaos machine at work. 

A human society consists of hierarchical relationships between [individuals, groups, and the society at large]. The areas of operations which support these relationships are also generators of public opinion. The four phase process of Subversion is applied to each of these areas, through the infiltration of adversarial agents. As trained to do so, they attain positions of enough power such that they are able to create smaller organizations, hidden within. Secrecy of crime and corruption prevail when deeply embedded within the functions and infrastructure of regular (serviceable) activities. When the end is nigh, large scale events seem progressively more random. People blame each other for the chaos and the violence. This may be good so far but we are still missing something from this illustration. 

Society, based on the [human] nature of its building blocks, is an amphitheater of Movement. (10) This includes the movement of individuals with our opinions and emotions. It is the movement of groups, influenced by individuals in their membership, along with their dynamic relations with other groups. These are also the atomic shifts in energy flow that underpin every economic transaction. 

Society is a swarm of multidirectional movements. From within this bustling traffic, adversarial agents study the field to figure out how to manipulate the direction of momentum. Like an archer drawing a bow, the aim is to take control of multiple movements together, steering them in a common direction. Movements are destroyed through the manipulation of their own momentum. (10) This is the way to achieve industry-scale polarization. 

The most obvious polarities outlining our society today are the extreme ends of our political spectrum, as most of us appear to claim a “left wing” or “right wing” position. Propaganda and scare tactics targeting those on the left are portraying [those that identify as right wing] to be the source of the chaos. In same fashion, that which is targeting the right, is portraying those on the left as the seed of the overall problem. 

Both positions have blindspots, and therefore, need to help each other to keep our own backs covered – but the media and the internet reflects Americans as enemies of each other. There is a lot of noise that is distracting us from productively communicating.   

"If you place a ball on top of a pyramid the slightest impact can cause it to roll down either to the left or to the right. That is the situation approaching with every hour … today. There are forces who would like the ball to roll down towards the Right and break the back of the working class. ... The Communists want the ball to roll down toward the Left and to break the back of capitalism."

Leon Trotsky (17)

In the above quote made in 1931, Trotsky was talking about Germany. For those of us who compared America to Germany after the 2016 Presidential election which put President Trump in office: we must consider that what we were actually witnessing was the four stage process of Subversion. Germany (under the Nazis) and Russia (under the Bolsheviks) underwent the same subversive attack, a bit earlier on the historical timeline. 

This is a family business of asset stripping, using a tried and true method that has been sharpening itself through technological advancements, overtime. Like a cable, braided and insulated for protection, newer families adjacent on the socioeconomic echelon are integrated into the attack -- a recursive measure that stops when the faces and mouthpieces interacting with the society at large become disposable. This cable runs through the feng shui of our organic and free human society, and -- from the outside -- we know little about the information and assets that are running through it. We have largely been ignoring it, but it is high noon for paying close attention. 

<> <> <>

To fight a war of subversion, we must first start with slowing down the polarization of information. We know that some information is being surgically and gradually removed from public awareness, creating a general (and misguided) sense of "an official narrative". We need to pull our ideas and thoughts and beliefs (and also feelings) into the spotlight of our individual conscious awareness. The way to start preparing ourselves is by questioning everything that crosses our individual paths: this is the very process of learning how to begin lucid dreaming. 

To start taking control of the pictures that compose our sleeping dreams, there are three mandatory steps: the first is to start questioning every thing reaching our awareness through our system of sensory perception. We will ultimately need to be able to reach into our subconscious and pull data from there, into our working memory. Control starts with disbelief, followed by investigation. Always ask yourself, Is [this] a dream or [this] really happening? Do this as many times during waking hours as possible -- question and test [the validity of] as much as you can. 

The second step is to learn how to avoid Momentum: recall that Momentum is used against Movement. Resolve any and all personal issues and reservations that can initiate emotional momentum. Learning how to move information from our subconscious to our conscious state will help get the ball rolling on resolving any baggage that can pose vulnerabilities that are likely to interrupt us at very critical moments. Doing this successfully will relieve an individual from negative feelings, unreasonably strong opinions, and even personalities we did not know to be artificial and unnecessary. Such obstacles are causing us to misidentify each other and run from the wrong things, in directions that are posing threats which we personally cannot see. 

The third mandatory step is to learn how to fall asleep with a meditation that allows the mind to remain awake [for a little while] after the body has fallen asleep. The body will reach a certain level of somatic paralysis that allows the mind to ease into our internal dreamscape slowly. As we enter this space with our awareness, the last step is to continue questioning everything we see. Given that we have practiced the questioning of Reality enough to have administrative controls in this virtual space, we can then start orchestrating our dreams with rigor and confidence.  

Putting this process into motion not only helps us gain access to the movements in this virtual space – it also teaches us how to question our collective Reality effectively, such that our own doubts (about ourselves and about everything else) end up providing us with newer skills and more privileged control, rather than causing us to flee, like thousands of Japanese -- not from Godzilla, but from the monsters we see in each other's reflections.  





















* A paragraph of information about the content of this book has been removed from this post. The details in that paragraph need correction. A correct and more complete review of William Stuart's 9.11 to Armageddon series [should be] the subject of future posts. Sincere apologies.  

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